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Are You Ready to Become

the Next Masterpiece?

I am Wendy Ologe, Africa's Foremost Parenting Coach and a successful Business Woman who has built a thriving global brand. Every year, I receive countless requests for mentorship, mostly from women. I created the Masterpiece Mentorship Program exclusively for women who are ready to pay the price of their becoming.

This isn't just a program; it's a movement dedicated to shaping powerful women who dare to become masterpieces. I am inviting you to embark on a transformative journey with me as your Mentor.

Brace yourself for a 3-month group coaching experience like no other, it is fully designed to empower you through my signature “No Excuse Growth Formula” - a proven strategy that has propelled many women to success, helping them build global brands and become true masterpieces in their respective fields.

Becoming a Masterpiece Woman

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Discover what truly fulfills you, align your passions with purpose



Balance your personal and professional life

Master your of financial empowerment, cash in on calling


Embrace your unique femininity as saviour to mankind

The Masterpiece Mentorship



Only the best and most committed applicants are admitted. We believe in quality over quantity.

In our first cohort, we meticulously sifted through nearly 2,000 applications, selecting only the top 10% to embark on this life-changing journey.

Locked secret


Mentors have secrets, they hold the keys to your elevation in their counsel.

As your mentor, I will share my experiences, insights, and strategies to help you navigate your own unique path to success.


We are not just empowering women, we are sculpting masterpieces with every piece of the mosaic.

Masterpiece women dare to dream big and step up to becoming a powerful force in their respective domains.

What to Expect From The Program

  • Strategic Guidance: Gain access to my wealth of knowledge and expertise in parenting coaching and business success.

  • Exclusive Community: Join a network of like-minded women on a similar journey, creating lasting connections and collaborations.

  • Tailored Curriculum: Receive a curated curriculum designed to address the specific needs of ambitious women aiming for global recognition.

  • Accountability and Support: Benefit from personalized support and accountability to keep you on track towards your goals.

  • Mastermind Sessions: Engage in transformative mastermind sessions with your peers, fostering creativity and collective growth.

  • Proven Results: Our masterpiece mentees have seen remarkable transformations, building successful businesses and personal brands on a global scale.

YOUR Masterpiece Journey Toolkit

90-Day Devotional

Daily doses of inspiration and motivation to fuel your growth. This devotional is your personal guide, nurturing your spirit and mindset throughout this transformative experience.

Masterpiece Journal

Document your journey, track your progress, capture your growth and unlock your innermost thoughts in our beautifully crafted Masterpiece Journal.

Women’s Retreat

Join us in a rejuvenating and empowering women's retreat after the program (paid separately).

Global Connections

Forge lasting connections with like-minded women on the same path. Build a network that empowers you to collaborate, support, and thrive together.

Group Coaching Sessions

Exclusive sessions with Coach Wendy Ologe where you can receive tailored advice and insights for your unique challenges and aspirations.

Lifetime Access

Enjoy lifetime access to all course content and materials in the Masterpiece Mentorship tribe.

Work with Coach Wendy

I only work with women who are ready to be bold, seen and impactful. I would love to mentor YOU!

You can become a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.


Wendy Ologe

Real Women, Real Results

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"I gained clarity on my purpose.

My mindset shift was so swift because I got a proper understanding of the term Masterpiece. I have been able to access the untapped potential in me. The program opened my eyes to how elastic one can be if only one is willing to stretch."

- Onyeka Okeke

Childhood Trauma Therapist

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"Learning about the Mosaic vision was a game-changer for me. Before MMP I was afraid to go out to become an impact maker. Today, my boldness has increased, I am not afraid to try or fail. The world needs me and I am not holding back!."

- Marietu Echechukwu

Early Years Educator

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"Coach Wendy’s guidance, wisdom, and daily activations gave me the boldness to shine brightly as a leader in my community. I found myself sitting at the table with KINGS. The most notable achievement being the privilege of serving on the Board of Directors of Canada’s Child Protection Agency. The PhD-grade assignments made me think deeply and articulate a fine roadmap for my future. Joining MMP was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

- Mrs Noch

Family Life Coach

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"The 90days in MMP removed different layers of me enclosed in all forms of shame, self doubt, regret, lack of confidence, and no zeal to launch into purpose. The daily devotional was a series of scan, apt diagnosis and correct prescriptions for me. I found myself and gained clarity on my journey of becoming."

Gbemisola Oladipo-Simeon


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"Every module was tailored to trash my excuses. Every message was filled with wisdom which transformed all areas of my life. Every assignment forced me to envision a future that I previously hadn’t dared and have now begun to create. The fact that we drew our inspiration from the Prophet Musa (Peace Be Upon Him) gave me the boldness I needed to show up authentically for the people I have been called to serve."

- Ameena Isma’il

Boy-Mum Coach

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"The program was a major highlight of my year and also an eye opener. I have become a better thinker, developed my masterpiece vision including strategies on how to bring this vision into reality. I honestly recommend this for every woman, it is going to be a life changing experience for you.”

- Marky Bernard

Pastor’s Wife & Women’s Coach

You too can become a Masterpiece

The application process is your first step towards becoming the masterpiece you are meant to be.

This is your opportunity to join a select group of ambitious women dedicated to their personal and professional growth.

Joining The Masterpiece Mentorship Program means becoming part of a thriving global community where women uplift and inspire each other, nurturing meaningful connections that transcend borders.

wendy ologe - a transformational force

Renowned as Africa's trailblazing parenting coach, Wendy serves as the visionary leader and founder at the helm of The Intentional Parents - a 5,000 member strong parenting academy. She is on a mission to guide women on a transformative journey, becoming masterpieces in progress, rooted in biblical principles under the No Excuse Growth Formula. This unique approach ensures that women not only achieve personal and professional success but also experience transformative growth in alignment with their values and faith.

Wendy's is a beacon of wisdom whose voice resonates globally, and her influence extends beyond borders. From gracing stages on CBN Africa to participating in the Facebook Global Parenting Panel, Wendy has been recognized for her inspirational speaking and global impact. Facebook's acknowledgment of her role in building globally relevant communities further attests to her influence. She has featured on major US news networks such as FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

Wendy has made history as the first African on the Board of The International Day of Calm. Her efforts also extend to convening the globally acclaimed online parents' conference, The Intentional Parent Annual Conference with over a million views on YouTube, showcasing her commitment to international collaboration and influence. Wendy is a prolific author of bestselling parenting books which have collectively sold over 500,000 copies worldwide.

Drawing from a rich professional history, Wendy boasts over a decade of experience in international non-governmental organizations, including a commendable tenure with USAID. She serves as the Executive Director at Smart OFFICE, where she contributes to fostering business development through capacity building.

Wendy seamlessly manages her role as an influential mentor and business leader while nurturing a rewarding personal life. Her partnership with her husband, Kunle Ologe - a renowned Marriage Counsellor, showcases a harmonious balance of professional success and family joy. Married for almost 15 years, Wendy's ability to navigate both spheres serves as an inspiration to many who are striving for a similar balance thorough her transformative framework designed for women. Her Masterpiece Formula for Women goes beyond conventional success; it's about becoming a masterpiece in progress, with a keen focus on faith, family, femininity, finances, and fulfillment. Wendy's commitment to a holistic approach ensures that women are guided through a comprehensive personal development journey.


Apply now to secure your spot in the Masterpiece Mentorship Program.

The application process is rigorous, ensuring that only the most dedicated women are accepted into this exclusive circle of empowerment.

Don't let excuses hold you back. Seize this opportunity to become the powerful, unstoppable force you are meant to be.

I am rooting for you and I would be honored to mentor you. You have all it takes - dare to become a masterpiece!